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….. Get your Florida Security Guard License with our South Florida security school.

Become a security guard officer at the finest of all security guard schools in Florida..…Get your Class D License Florida Security Guard Class with the 24 Hour D License Course Program and start you new job as a licensed security guard officer.

Florida Security Guard LicenseStart your job as an unarmed or armed security guard officer today…. Our Florida Security guard Schools offers the 24 hour security course of Class “D” training and the 16 hour security guard class…. We also offer the Florida D License renewal class or D License recertification courses. The Basic Security Officer Course from our Florida Security School includes everything required by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service and as per the Florida State Statutes Section 493..

The Florida D license Class is the license you need to start a Florida security guard job in Miami Dade, West Palm Beach, Broward County or any Florida cities…….The State of Florida Division of licensing requires a total of 40-hours of instruction for Class “D” license training – security guard D License South Florida. However, this Florida Security Guard training course may also be divided into 24-hours of initial training and 16-hours of follow-up training prior to 180 days.


Attend the Florida D License class now…. All Students who take and pass the Florida Class D Security guard examination will be given a certificate of class completion to send to the the Florida Department of agriculture division of licensing when they apply for the Florida D license.

All the students that pass the Basic Florida Security Guard Class ( 24 hour security training course – unarmed security guard class training), have to return before six months to complete the 16-hour security guard course to get their Florida Class D unarmed security license.

D License class Florida Security Guard License

Florida Security officer training and Florida Security Guard licensing is regulated under Florida State Statute Chapter 493.

The State of Florida and Florida Chapter 493 mandates that all persons that apply for the security guard license need to have a clean record, need to be 18 years of age or older, and be allowed to work in Fl or the U.S legally as an unarmed or armed security guard.


A Florida D License Instructor is here to help you gat training to become a security guard officer or body guard..…For additional Security guard licensing procedures , call the best of all Security Guard Schools in Florida, any other Florida Security guard School in your local area…or visit the Florida Department of Agriculture website….

D license Class Florida Security Class

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